At Do it Best Corp., we are Driven to Be the Best. Building on a 70+ year track record of helping our members grow and achieve their dreams, our drive is constantly fed by a do-it-yourself spirit and a desire to help independent home improvement businesses compete and win in their markets.
This entrepreneurial spirit leads us to make the most of game-changing opportunities that benefit our member-owners. With so much growth potential available, I’m excited to share the bold initiatives we’re implementing at Do it Best Corp. that are designed to fuel our members’ growth and drive their profitability.

Below, you’ll meet a few of our industry experts and get a taste of what these winning programs can do for you. Simply put, when you succeed, we succeed. IT’S WHAT DRIVES US TO BE THE BEST.

Selling Color with Confidence
The Color Bar lets you become the go-to destination for expert color advice and quality paint products. Our team of store design experts works to deliver profit-maximizing interior and exterior solutions that are proven to fuel your growth.

Positioning Your Store To Compete And Win
With the support of Merchandising Essentials, our exclusive product optimization program, you’ll seamlessly fuel your growth and drive your profitability while you expand or renovate your product mix. Let our team show you how Merchandising Essentials supports your immediate growth and long-term success.

Putting Your Customers First
By combining decades of experience helping our members serve their communities with leading-edge integrated marketing strategies, we’ve perfected ways to not only grow your customer base, but to increase purchase frequency and total spend per transaction. Our Loyalty Marketing team is excited to share their expertise and the very latest strategies to engage your customer base.

Strategies For Your Success
Experience the many advantages of a nationwide co-op with five full-service regional offices fine-tuned to the unique opportunities in your region. Our expert team of LBM industry leaders is ready to help you take your business to the next level with the smartest purchasing strategies and cost-efficient LBM buying opportunities.